Welding Qualifications Renewed with Zurich

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HTA Renews Weld Qualifications with Zurich

HTA undertook a major project within their Welding and Fabrication Department with the support of Zurich Laboratory Services.

With Zurich, the UK's leading UKAS accredited service provider for the testing and approval of welding qualifications, HTA renewed all welding approvals and provided independent verification that welded components have been welded in accordance with the relevant industry specifications.

It is vitally important for a welder to be trained and obtain the correct welding qualifications. Welding qualifications are used as a 'quality tool' within the fabrication industry to assist in meeting quality requirements laid down by the end users of products and the relevant product standards.

Obtaining welding qualifications that are universally recognised is vitally important for a manufacturer.

They might also be obtained to satisfy any legal aspects of directives associated with applicable products. It is recommended that UKAS accredited bodies are used wherever possible.

HTA hold UKAS approved Welding Procedure Approvals to BS EN ISO 15614-1 2004 and Welder Approvals to BS EN 287-1 2004.

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