Inspection & Reverse Engineering

Faro Arm Inspection

Faro Arm Inspection and Reverse Engineering

HTA Group’s investments in the latest inspection technology is critical in removing the potential for human error from the inspection process.

Inspection automation has advanced from 2D to 3D measuring, and our Faro Arm technology allows us the freedom to quickly and accurately measure anything from simple brackets to complex fabrications with a measuring range between 0 and 76m, alongside an accuracy of up to 5 microns.

How does the inspection technology work?

Measurement directly against CAD data allows the operator to see real time deviations from normal, meaning master nominal data is stored on the system on the initial inspection to enable quick comparison inspection to be carried out afterwards.

Computer generated inspection reports such as ISIR, FAIR or standard custom inspection reports can be produced certifying the part has been manufactured within required tolerances.

Audit data is stored for all parts so trends can be analysed over a period of time to help identify and deviation from standard. We also routinely inspect production jobs to maintain the highest levels of accuracy and consistency.

Reverse Engineering

Using Faro Arm technology we can reverse engineer any part and create accurate and detailed engineering drawings for manufacture. The Faro Arm is connected to a PC which transfers point data, and in turn generates a graphical 3D model of your product on screen.

This enables us to take a part which has no engineering drawings, or even missing data, and quickly gather all the required information to produce drawings, programmes and to manufacture the part.

This equipment is entirely portable, so if the part cannot be delivered to us, we are able to carry the service out at a location of your choice – ideal for parts that cannot be removed from their location.

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